Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Sister Joined Weight Watchers

Well, my sister has joined weight watchers and I am so happy for her. She has already lost weight. All my readers who do Weight Watchers, you know how hard it is in the beginning. would you all be so kind as to leave her some words of wisdom by commenting on this post. It would mean a lot to me! Thanks! Good Luck Kellie! I only wish I could get my mom to do it now!


Jewel said...

Wow! I am first??? You made a great choice Kellie! I always go back to Weight Watchers no matter what plan I stray to.

I am a lifetime member from 12 years ago and rejoined in July. I really don't think there is a better plan.

What I love about it? I can eat what everybody else is eating! I just have to count it.

I can cook healthy meals that are on plan for me...and my family doesn't feel like they are deprived or on a diet. (although I have been dabbling in vegetarianism lately and they do feel deprived about that but that is another story.

It allows for some indulgence but shows me moderation.

It is healthy and balanced, not a fad. It is real!

And you feel great!

Good luck Kellie....I can't wait to hear your progress.

Mindy said...

Good luck to Kellie indeed! and way to go on inspiring your family to get started. first your sister and look out you'll be changing your family line one person at a time! i'll be cheering for you both!

Greta from said...

Sorry you were so sick in your house....sounds wretched. :( And, three cheers to Kelli! I do not do WW, but.....I know it is a wonderful program. You guys will have a great time doing it together. Woo hoo!

Jen said...

YAY!!! That's so exciting for Kellie!! She will LOVE it! It is REALLY hard at first, but just keep focused and you will be SO happy with the results and it WILL get easier! It truly becomes a way of life!