Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flatout Pizzas

I have really had a craving for pizza lately! Since pizza is a higher point food, I went looking for something with a lot less points and Flatout Pizzas were what I found!
Here is what the flatout bread looks like. I find it at the end the bread isle on an end cap at Walmart. They also have different types and flavors so check them all out and see what goes best with what you are making. The ones I bought were the orginal light and they were one point each.

First, I lay out the bread on a cookie sheet if you make two at a time or a pizza sheet if you are only making one.

Nest I add 1/4 cup pizza sauce. I used a Walmart brand in the jar and it was 1 point.

Next I added some low fat cheese, about 1/4 cup. That was 1 point.

Then I added my toppings. The one on the right is mine. I added mushrooms chopped onions and green peppers which added no points. Dh's pizza is on the left and he added turkey pepperoni, chopped onions, and green peppers. You will have to count your points for the ingredients you use. My pizza did not have any extra points. Try to remember to add filling foods(this is a weight watchers term) to your pizza to keep you filled up.

Then I add another 1/4 cup low fat cheese. This adds another point.

Here were our final products ready for the oven. Don't you love my helper!

Cook at 400 degrees F for 8-10 minutes.

Going in the oven!

The final product oh so yummy! My pizza was 4 points and it is so much bigger than a pizza from a pizza chain!


Karilynn said...

4 points in one personal pizza is fantastic! So much better than 4 points for one slice!

Sarah said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and am now hungry for pizza! LOL It is a downfall of mine and I have been making english muffin pizza but yours look MUCH better not to mention bigger ;)

Connie B said...


Anonymous said...

Oh yum! I'm definitely doing this one.

Jen said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! I've seen these flat breads at Wal-mart and actually bought them once, but didn't do anything this CREATIVE! I'm TOTALLY gonna buy them and do make pizza next week! Thanks for the great idea!

CGBenzaquen said...

Awesome! I'm a fellow weight watche and I think this idea is amazing. :)

I'm trying it tonight!!!

Thanks for the explaination!! :)