Friday, December 3, 2010

New PointsPlus+ Program

I am starting over with Weight Watchers.  I never really quit, I just gained a lot of weight back and totally lost my motivation for the program, so I need to really get back on track.  Tuesday, I got the new information at my meeting on the new Weight Watchers Program, PointsPlus+.  My impressions after the meeting were that this new program was really complicated, but very doable.  I have now been on the new program for 2 days, today starts my 3rd.  They tell you not to compare to the old program, but it is really hard because I have done that program for so long.  I agree though that you MUST do that.  You now get a bigger daily and weekly points allowance which seems high but then most foods are higher in points too.  One of the new things is that fresh fruits and most veggies can be eaten for "free."  You can't abuse this though.  Yesterday I used 15 extra weekly points.  They say those are in there for you to use and still lose weight so we will see.  I lost a lot of weight with the Momentum program.  I did however feel hungry sometimes on that program.  I have not felt that way on this new program.  I full fuller because I am choosing power foods as Weight Watchers calls them.  I feel like I am eating more.  So, I worry about am I doing it right?  Will I really lose weight?, etc.  But you know what, I really like the new program and feel it keeps me fuller during the day.  I can't wait until weigh in day to see how well it works and how well I worked it. 

My goals for the rest of the week:
1. Keep tracking (I rediscovered my e-tools tracker.  I forgot how much I loved it. It has also been a long time since I tracked, probably why I was not doing well.  I needed motivation!)
2. Exercise (I have not exercised either day, so I want to get that added in.)
3. Plan my day early for the foods I plan to eat.  This really helps me stay on points.
4. Continue to keep my blog updated.


WWSuzi said...

Ours starts here on Monday and i can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about joining WW. Now seems to be the right time! Thanks for the heads up about the new program.


Ak said...

Good luck with the new program. I've been on it since Monday. It takes some getting used to- but I know it will make me healthier overall!

Amine said...

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Hi LORIE, good luck for new program, it's interesting post.

Tratamiento Cistitis said...

Its nice to hear about new program. Good luck Lorie for the success of this program.

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