Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's For Breakfast and My Weigh In

The new PointsPlus Weight Watchers program really works!  I tested it for a week and truly love it! I lost 3.4 pounds.  I used my weekly points and ate pizza out.  There's no depriving yourself or going hungry on this plan. This is so the boost I needed to get back on track.

At my Weight Watchers meeting last night, the new weekly booklet has a place for you to plan your meals for the next day.  I am a big planner and I really believe planning helped me lose the weight I lost on the Flex and Momentum programs.  I like to plan my meals for the week.  This is just a plan but it helps guide me to eating better and having the foods available that I need.  It also saves me at the grocery store because I take my plan and make a menu.  I usually post those on this blog on Mondays.  Last week, I read about a lot of people on the Weight Watchers message boards saying they were having a hard time planning menus with the new program.  Personally, I use the same things I was eating before and just change the points to the new PointsPlus program. This week I plan to list some of my favorite meals and snack that I like to use to stay on plan.  I plan my meals for my family of 6.  We eat the same things. So, I use things that are kid friendly and within my grocery budget.  All my kids but 1 eat breakfast at school, so I can do things I like then.  Today I am focusing on Breakfast. 

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  I always like to eat a fruit with it to get some of my Good Health Guidelines in.  These are just my ideas.  You need to pick things you enjoy.  That's why I like Weight Watchers so much it gives you the freedom to choose! As always the ingredients you use may change the point values, so make sure you check the points based on your ingredients.

1. Omelets-  These are so easy to make and add what you like.  I make mine with egg beaters and I use 1/2 cup for 1 point, then I add a Weight Watcher Cheese Single for 1 pt. , I also like to have onions and mushrooms both 0 points. I also found some ham slices at Save a Lot that are 2 points for 2 slices.  Sometimes I put one in the omelet and then place the other one in the hot pan I cooked the omelet in and eat it on the side. I add a fruit to this and some hot herbal tea. Right now I enjoy the Celestial Seasonings Holiday Gingerbread Spice one.  A very filling breakfast that I only spend 4 points on. this also contains a lot of power foods which keep you fuller longer.

2. Oatmeal- I love oatmeal on a cold winter morning.  I like to add cinnamon to mine.  I have 1 cup for 4 points and eat a banana on the side.  I also like to put things in my oatmeal to spice it up a bit and sometimes use the instant to save time.  Here is one of my favorites.
Apple Pie Oatmeal-Taste just like Apple Pie!!!

Apple Pie Oatmeal

1 package of light cinnamon flavored oatmeal like Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control Cinnamon

Dash of extra cinnamon to taste

1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce or a single serve container

Pour the package contents in a small bowl with a dash of extra cinnamon and add about 1/2 cup of boiling water. Stir and let sit a minute. Stir in the applesauce and sprinkle with a bit more cinnamon.

Makes 1 serving at 5 points

3. Boxed Cereal with Fat Free Milk
Here are some of my favorites"
Honey Nut Cheerios- 3/4 cup at 3 points
Multi grain Cheerios- 1 cup for 3 points
Rice Chex Cereal- 1 cup for 3 points

I add a piece of fruit and 1 have 1 cup of fat free milk to get my healthy guidelines in.  I drink what ever I do not use in my cereal.  This breakfast usually does not keep me very full but on a quick morning that I do not have time to cook, I like it.

4. Hungry Girl Egg Mugs, these are a few I really like.
All American Egg Mug
The Classic Egg Mug- I like to add veggies to this to make it more filling.
There are a ton to choose from the Hungry Girl website.  After you make a few you can start adding in whatever you like to custom make yours.  Remember to add power foods to help you fuller.  I also like to add a fruit to this meal and some herbal tea.

5. Pancakes and French Toast
I love pancakes and French Toast so why not fit them into my Breakfast.  I use Sugar Free Syrup with mine. I also like to have fruit with them. These are usually saved for weekend meals with the kids.

Cinnamon French Toast

1 cup Egg Beaters (2 points)

1/3 cup fat free milk ( 1 point)

1 tsp ground cinnamon (0 points)

1 tsp vanilla extract (0 points)

non-stick spray

10 slices of bread (This will depend on what type of bread you use)

Whisk together Egg Beaters, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla is shallow medium bowl; set aside. Spray non-stick skillet with cooking spray; heat over medium. Dip bread in egg beaters mixture, coat both sides. Put in skillet and cook on both sides until golden brown.

Serving size is 2 slices (add up the points I gave you with your bread points and then divide by 5, the number of servings to find the point value.)

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes- I use this recipe but I don't use the butter or the maple syrup.  You get 12 pancakes with 2 pancakes being a serving for 5 points for each serving. I like to double the recipe and freeze some for an easy morning.

*You can do this same activity for yourself since everyone gets a different number of points and has different likes.  Here's how you do it. Write down all the breakfast meals you enjoyed on the Momentum program and then find out the new point values and try to add power foods to the ones you already like.  You may find that there are some things you do not like on this program anymore.  I got rid of a lot of my Light English Muffins and bagel.  This activity really helped me.  Now I have a go to list of the foods I like and the point values when I go to plan my menus.


Angel said...

I'm not on WW but what you say makes sense. Plan out those things you like and fit them into *your* plan. Simple. I'm going to try it.

Traci said...

I think it is all about "planning the work" and "working the plan". I always have to have a "grab & go" breakfast b/c it's crazy getting everyone out the door in the mornings.

Some of my favs:
"scrambled" egg beater with 1TBS of real bacon bits & 2 TBS of shredded cheese on a Sandwich Thin - PERFECT breakfast sandwich

lite yogurt with banana (or other fruit) and granola cereal (the Aldi brand is low in points actually)

2 frozen lo-fat waffles w/ lite syrup

Subway breakfast sandwich (egg whites, bacon, pepper jack on english muffin with a slice of tomato)

english muffin toasted with a slice of 2% cheese; 1 TBS bacon bits and a slice of tomato

frosted shredded wheats

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Post-it Notes said...

Thanks for all of the breakfast options. I havent started the new WW plan yet but Im tempted to give it a try. I will be checking back to see how things are going.

Lucky Girl said...

Love the planning idea, wish I could be that organized!! I just started WW again on Feb 1st!! Looking forward to being able to track my progress!!

Judson Family said...

I want to start meal planning, we are a family of 5 and I only cook one meal. My kids are great eaters and eat anything without fuss... I am an oatmeal eater.. I love the stuff. I sometimes eat it with Yogurt mixed in or with Bannas and Walnuts.... Thanks for your post!!!

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