Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Survival Tips

I saw this on the Weight Watcher Message Boards and wanted to post them here to help me remember.

1. Don't eat for a good 30 minutes of arriving - by then you'll be into more of the visiting vs. eating.
2. When you do eat, pick a small plate, try to have none of your food touching each other.
3. Do NOT visit in the kitchen - a tough one, but trust me, it works!
4. Chew gum. This is a favorite. Hard to nibble, when you've got gum in your mouth.
5. If choosing a drink with alcohol, stick with one you mix yourself (track portions, etc.).
6. Do not go hungry to a party. Fill up on zero-low point carrots, celery, lots of water, high fiber.
7. Forgive. If you over did things, know that tomorrow is another chance to turn it all around!

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Corrine said...

these are great tips. congrats on your weight loss so far! that is awesome and inspiring.