Monday, November 24, 2008

My Progress

Well, I had no money to renew my Weight Watchers monthly pass this month, so I have been without a meeting for 2 weeks now. I really hope to get the money soon because Weight Watchers is like a support group for me. I have also heard rumors that there is a new Weight Watchers plan coming out next month and I do not want to miss that! I weight in this morning at 247.2! So, I am still doing okay without my meeting, but I like my meetings and miss them badly. It is just a really hard time of year for us right now. We have never really had the extra $40 a month for me to go, but we have always somehow found it because it was an important thing to me. But this month we just could not fit it in and with Christmas coming I really do not see it happening soon and that makes me sad. My Weight Watchers leader sent me an e-mail asking me where I was because I never miss, and told me I had come too far to quit. Well I am not quitting people I have come too far, I just am going to have to go it alone which scares me because I have really relied on my meetings as an accountability for me to check in. I'll keep you posted. But for right now you all are going to have to be my support system! I hope you will anyways. :)

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