Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Why Did I Do That?"

Why Did I Do That? That was the theme of our meeting this week. How do we know when it is true hunger? If it's not true hunger why are we eating? Our leader said we needed to use the Weight Watchers Tool for living reframing to help us with this situation.

Reframing is a process for finding better ways to get what you want or better ways to satisfy the positive intentions behind negative behavior.

To use reframing, we need to first ask ourselves, What habit do we want to stop? Then ask ourselves What does the behavior get for you? How does it benefit you in some way? Then ask, What non-food behaviors will get you the same benefit? and finally Which of these behaviors will you try?

I gained 3 pounds this week. Now I am really frustrated because I really did nothing different than the past two weeks that I lost over 2 pounds each week. The only thing I think it might be is that I started today and it is water weight gain? I am just so frustrated because as soon as I start to get out of the 240's I get deeper into them :(


Natalie said...

oh, now i am looking forward to my meeting this friday. thanks for sharing.

i'm sure it is some water weight that is showing up...i usually gain or maintain THAT time of month too. maybe it was your sodium levels close to weigh in also. anyway, here's to a great WI next week...don't give up!

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Jen said...

You'll be right back into that weight again in no time. Don't beat yourself up. Look at all you accomplished. If you only knew how much you motivate me!!

Carrie said...

Weight can fluctuate from one hour to the next, Don't worry, look how far you have come. a couple of pounds(which is probably water and blood, Yuck, But true)is no big deal in the big picture. You will be back down in a week or so.