Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm sick again!

I just got over a really bad cold. Yesterday we went to pick up our kids some new bunk beds because the toddler beds they are in are just falling apart. I felt bad before we even walked out the door. My mother in law keep the kids and that was the best part because I did not have to deal with them all day. It feels like a bad flu. My eyes still are bad. I use the eye drops at least 5 times a day for relief. On a good note, I found out about a patient assistance program for the medicine I need to help my eyes. It cost $222 a month! I could never afford that so I am glad I found out about the program. They will send me 3 months at a time, if I qualify, which I am pretty sure I do! So, I hope this goes through because I have been battling these dry eyes for way too long. They burn, and just irritate me. So, I am definitely looking for some relief.

I had a really bad day yesterday! I gave into EVERY temptation. What's wrong with me? I did really good until after lunch time. For lunch we went to the Taco Bell drive thru. I had two Fresco Ranchero Chicken Enchilada. It is on the light menu and only 3 points each. Then I stopped and bought some Girl Scout Cookies. They have some that are 100 calorie packs. They were pretty good. I also ate some of the Caramel Delights not so good. Then for dinner we went thru the McDonald's drive thru with the kids. Usually, I get the Southwest Salad with grilled chicken, but no I got a Quarter Pounder meal. I NEVER get that. I also had some of dh's chips while we were transporting the stuff. We never eat out that much. I try to avoid it! I guess I just felt so bad I did not care what I ate. My dh is sick too this time and this is the kind of flu where every muscle in your body aches so you fell like doing nothing but sleeping. But we got 4 kids to take care of so we might take shifts. Oh I hate being sick! Igot on the scale this morning to see how much damage I had done and the number looked a lot better than I thought. I am just going to have to be very careful until my weigh in on Tuesday. It is snowing really bad here today and all I want is spring and no more colds!!!!


SeaShore said...

Hope you feel better soon. It's tough to stay on plan when you don't feel well. I always feel a little more indulgent towards myself when I'm sick.

Melissa said...

Sorry you are sick Lorie! and don't be so hard on yourself. Sickness throws us off! Feel better soon!

UKZoe said...

seems there's a lot of these nasty colds about at the moment. I've had mine over a week.