Friday, October 17, 2008

Going Better

Things have been going better. I did not exercise on Tuesday, but I did get 20 minutes of walking in yesterday. I would have walked longer but it started raining. My littlest and I went walking while the other kids were at school. It was really nice out! The weather is just perfect for walking and it really has not turned too cool yet, which makes it nice. I stayed on track with my points and the things I needed to be eating. Hopefully, this yo-yoing I have been doing the last couple of weeks will stop and I can stay in the 240's, for awhile anyways! LOL!

Note: I think that in my last post. I was just saying I gained 2 pounds, but really for a little over a month, I have been yo-yo ing! Lose 2 gain 2 etc. I know that I had not been doing everything right and was getting tired of the constant battle. Sorry if that did not come through on the post.

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