Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rededicating Myself!

To see the Watchin' What We Eat Post go here.

I know I have abandoned this blog for awhile now. Please forgive me. I had sick kids for about two weeks and I have been feeling truly overwhelmed. I know that this has affected my weight loss too. I went to weigh in last night and I had gained 2 pounds. While that's not enough to make me worry, I know it is not getting me any closer to my goal! The great thing about Weight Watchers is when you get off track, you can get right back on and hopefully by doing that, I will see some better numbers at the scale next Tuesday. So, I am rededicating myself as I start this week today. Here is my plan:
1. 15-30 minutes of activity at least 6 days this week
2. Drink 6-8 cups of water
3. Journal (I did no journal last week and that was part of my problem!)
4. 5 Fruits and veggies
5. Get in my 2 dairy's!
6. Write at least one blog article a day (this is a huge encourager to me!)

I will return later today to tell you how my day went. If I have ever been an encouragement to you through this blog, please leave me a comment of encouragement because I really need it now. Thanks!


Jen said...

Oh Lorie, how I've missed you!!! I've missed reading your posts as they give HUGE motivation!! Even a post like this motivates me. It allows me to see that we are ALL human, we have our set backs, but we CAN get back up and dust ourselves off and look to the future with hope and dedication!!

You seriously look fantastic! I understand that a gain can make you feel blah (just look how I haven't posted in forever or even read weight loss blogs for that matter). However, yesterday, I decided to get my groove back. Be motivated. Journal. Post. Read motivating blogs, etc.

You have the strength of thousands and I admire you for that! Keep it up!

Lawanda said...

I have missed you too!

I have gained a half pound twice in a row, and I am so upset about it. I am trying to rededicate myself too!

Renee said...

You have definitely been missed! Inspiration? Wow - have you ever been a great inspiration!! Keep on going....You look wonderful and what you have already lost is NO.SMALL.FEET. - really! It's okay to fall off and then get back on (it's what makes us human). I'm cheering you on!

thewwchick said...

You can get back on track, L. You've come this need to look back now. You're supported by many "losers" out in blog world. And if you need some real world support, you can always call on me. <*HUGS*>

Bright Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Lorie, I love reading your blog. I am even considering blogging myself! Your success is incredible. What a difference in those pictures. Way to GO! I've been off track this week and didn't go to my meeting. I came to your site for some encouragement. And yes, I'm encouraged. Thanks AGAIN! Sorry that you've had sick kids..for 2 weeks! So glad to see your blog updated! Keep up the great work! ~bev in Texas

Janelle said...

Hi Lori, I've followed your blog since January, and you have been a great encouragment to me! I've even showed your blog to my husband and he was amazed. This stage of your weight loss has got to be the toughest, but you can build on your success in the past! I hope you have a blessed day.

Patty said...

Lorie you are awesome! you can do this. You have almost lost 100 lbs, so 2 lbs is hardly anything compared to that. Losing weight is like life, some times when we take 2 steps forward, we have to take 1 step back.

Katie said...

Hi Lorie... I'm trying to get back on track, too. It's been months since I've done any good. You are still an inspiration to me, though, and you have done sooo well. You should be really proud!