Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weight Watchers Meeting Notes and Weekly Goals

Part one: What's in my lunch bag?
Last night our meeting started off with our leader showing us her, "lunch bag." Weight Watchers has a really cool new insulated lunch bag that the new member supplies for the year come in. So, I guess she was trying to promote it with this demonstration, but it was a really good demonstration. She took the food out of her bag. Here's what she had:

1 Twin pack of Little Debbie's Zebra Cake 8 points!

Instead of eating that here's what else she had in her bag that equaled 8 points

1 banana

1 cup of grapes

1 orange

1 apple

2 pieces light whole wheat bread

5 cups Fat Free Microwave Popcorn

You can have all of that food for 8 points. That's a lot of food. I think I'd be pretty full. On the new Momentum Plan, that is what you try to do eat more foods for your points. Usually those foods are going to be filling foods. All of those listed above, except the zebra cake, are filling foods. Filling Foods are foods that will keep you fuller longer. And get this, you can even eat that zebra cake if you want! Weight Watchers gives you the freedom to eat some "extras" with your 35 Weekly Points Allowance. I used to be scared to use those points, but they are built in the program. I still have a good weight loss when I use them and I don't feel deprived of my favorite foods. In fact, those points let me LIVE! This weekend is Valentine's Day, so that would be a perfect opportunity to use those points. I have a birthday party that I plan to use them at. I always cringe when people say you can't use those points and still lose weight. I know a lot of people who use all their WPA and lose better than they were when they were not using the points. If you watched Biggest Loser last night, Bob was getting one of his teams to eat more. Some people have a hard time with trying to lose weight and eating more, but your body needs the points you are given for a reason. Some people who exercise a lot tend to not lose a lot. There could be many reasons for it, but one is that they are not eating enough. Sometimes you need to eat your activity points to keep up with what your body is burning. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work. So, don't be scared to use WPA and activity points!

Part 2: Liquids

Our meeting was about liquids. A lot of people have a big concern with what Weight Watchers has done with this Healthy Guideline. On the Momentum Plan you just have to have 6 cups of liquids. Although book 1 states that, Water is best," any liquid now counts toward this healthy guideline. Some things that count now are beer, wine, (neither of which I drink), colas, juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and soup to name a few. The soup one kind of threw me for a loop! I think water does help in metabolism and is important for weight loss, but many dietitians will tell you that you can have weight loss without water intake. I also watched the show, The Doctors, while I was in the hospital and they said that there is a lot of new research out about water since a girl was in a water drinking contest and died because she drank too much. They said that your body will tell you how much water you need and you should listen to your body. I trust Weight Watchers and I know that they change their programs based on new research, so there has to be a reason for it. I also know that people seem to be losing more weight with the Momentum Plan than they were with the old Flex Plan so something must be right about it. I plan to still drink my water as part of my weight loss program.

Weight In Results: -1.2 pounds (After the week I had, I'm happy with that!)

Goals For this week:

1. Drink the recommended liquids for the week.

2. Exercise at least 5 days.

3. Use my meal plan as a way to stay on track this week.

Hope everyone has a great on point week! :)


Jen said...

Great job on your weight loss!! And thanks for telling us all about your meeting! I love hearing the new and exciting stuff that is going on with WW!

Whitney said...

Lorie that's great!! And I SOOO heart that Smart Pop. I have a gigundo box of it I got at Costco. I eat it almost everynight. :-)

Minderella said...

Thanks for that useful information! I have heard that drinking tooo much water can be bad, but that is a ton of water that girl had to be drinking. I have a friend who was doing that too thinking it was good for her, but she was getting really sick because of it.

Mimi's Toes said...

I haven't checked your progress lately and am so proud of you almost meeting your goal weight. You are amazing and have done great.

grace said...

great job on your weight loss, you are doing so great.
did you leave a comment on my blog? I did not know which Lorie did. I use my 35 points, I think I used it all up yesterday at my kids birthday party

Anonymous said...

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