Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finger Jello

Angie(a friend from Weight Watchers) made these for a Christmas potluck and my kids and I LOVE them! They are low in points, so keep these in your refrigerator when you have a snack attack.
Finger Jello
3 small boxes of sugar free Jello, any flavor
1 box (4 envelopes) Knox's gelatin
4 cups boiling water
Mix jello and gelatin in boiling water until dissolved. Pour into a casserole pan and place in the refrigerator until set. Cut in squares.
Makes 16 squares at 0 points per square
Makes 12 squares at 1 point per square
(Angie said she put these on the Weight Watcher scale and you could eat 4 squares for 0 points, but she did not know how many servings one recipe made and I ran this through the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers site and got the above points.)
I also learned online you can stack these with different colors to make some cool looking finger jello.


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