Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

Well I had missed 3 meetings in a row, so not good! I am really trying to get over a huge weight gain that happened since Thanksgiving. I weighed myself before I started last week and I had lost 3 pounds this week, although that will not show because I missed the week before. I have made a commitment this year to get serious. I know I've said that before. One of the things that really helps me is this blog. When I keep it updated, it really helps to keep me motivated so you may see daily posts during the week. Hopefully, you all will benefit with new recipes.

Weight Watchers is doing a new thing this year, they are giving weekly newsletters, these are different from the weekly books, that are supporting the Momentum 20010 Challenge. These are really nice because they have information on the topic for that week, real life stories, recipe ideas, and even coupons. This is a 10 week challenge. Each week we commit to a small challenge. Last week was to Track what you eat. Tracking has been a huge resource for me. It makes losing weight kind of like a fun game to me. This makes Weight Watchers easier for me. It also really helped me understand portion controls. So, I know when I do not track, I gain. I started tracking really well again last week and my efforts showed some results.

Week 2 is all about choosing foods that satisfy you. Weight Watchers calls these filling foods, and like the name says these foods keep you fuller longer. Filling foods are low in energy which means they pack fewer calories for their weight. This makes them make you feel more full with few calories. There is a place on your tracker that allows you to mark filling foods. These foods also help in meeting the Good Health Guidelines, which are part of Weight Watchers. So, look for these foods to help you stay fuller. So, this week I am going to commit to choosing more filling foods for my meals and snacks. We'll see how it goes.

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Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

Your blog keeps me motivated as well. I usually take a look see at your recipes and pictures and get ideas to break up the blah's that im cooking. I agree with you about keeping track of points. :) Have a great day...