Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Cheat Sheet

One of the biggest loser blogs that I visit, had a post about eating out and not really knowing what the calories or fat was for the items they were buying. I just wanted to share an idea that I use that has helped me with this problem. I used the Weight Watchers book that list lots of restaurants and I took an index card and wrote down each restaurant and what I usually eat and the number of points for each item. I keep this card in my purse and when we are out and unexpectedly have to eat out (which is not often) then I have this card to remember what the points are for the foods I like. If you don't do points then you could write down the calories and fats of the items you like at the restaurants. If you don't have a Weight Watchers Restaurants book, you can find most of the Nutritional Information on the restaurants website. You can also ask and some restaurants will provide you with a pamplet of the nutritional information. I used to carry the one for Subway around and then I already figured the points and wrote them on there, but I like my new cheat sheet better. This cheat sheet has saved me several times and it is easier than packing that big book around.
Some other cheat sheets that I like to use are on the Weight Watchers Webpage, I thought you might like these so I will share them with you too.
Pizza Cheat Sheet
Red Meat Cheat Sheet
Beer Cheat Sheet (I don't drink, but maybe some of my readers do?)
There are more cheat sheets on the Weight Watchers Website, but you have to be a paid online e-tools member to view them. I love the Thanksgiving one.


Kristi said...

Great idea. We eat out a lot. I have my favorite meals at each of the restaurants too. So I should take some time and look up the nutrition info online so I know what I'm getting myself into. Sometimes I wonder if I think something is low fat/low calorie, but maybe it really isn't. Like sometimes those huge yummy salads can be deceiving, for example.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Hi, I found your blog while looking for recipes online! I just started WW a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE my cheat sheet! I made a little pocket that I taped to the inside cover of my points journal and I put a little fold-out paper in there with all my usual fast food places.

I find I always end up in the drive-through on a whim, or when the kids are begging, and I can always find something to eat if I check my guide.

Congrats on all your weight loss so far! That's wonderful.

Shannon said...

Would you mind sharing your cheat sheet?