Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Morning and other stuff

Well, today, I tried the Give 30, Get 30 idea from this post. I went to bed 30 minutes earlier, and I set my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and I got up, but what I did not count on is that my almost 2 year old would get up at 6:30 am too. He never gets up that early, but his diaper had leaked ,which is rare, so I had to deal with him too. I ended up changing and feeding him and then putting him in his high chair and giving him some food. He was so good! I did the Leslie Sansone Miracle Mile, which is only 15 minutes. Then, I had my morning prayer. Prayer has always been important to me, but when I am trying to lose weight, it is even more important to me. I ask for help in choosing the right foods for my body, help to not be so tempted by food, and just help to get through my day. Prayer was such a big part in my weight loss journey last year, that I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight. It's like having an extra support person. Then I read my scriptures and it is so quiet in my house. School was called off for today and all the kids are still sleeping, except my almost 2 year old who is being so good in his high chair. I think that I am also going to make a list of my 5 most important things to get done today like this post was talking about. So, here's my list for today.
1. Dishes (These never end!)
2. Laundry (This never ends!)
3. Pick up living room
4. Clean out top shelf in the refrigerator
5. Take kids to the doctor.
We got our income taxes filed yesterday and should be getting our income tax money back today. So, we might go shopping tonight if the kids are feeling better, they are not 100% but seem a whole lot better, we'll see what the doctor says. My kids doctor is on the Walmart shopping center. The kids don't get to go to Walmart and just pick out something new whenever we want, actually never! So, last year we let them pick out something they wanted. Each kid got $20. My kids were lost as to what to pick out because there was so much and they are never given the freedom to go choose. It made me smile to be able to let my kids go do that. So, this year, we are going to do it again. We have talked about having them pick out something that will keep them active, but I don't know if that will happen or not. I can still see the excitement on their little faces when we did this last year and I want it to be fun for them.
I also really want to get a treadmill and I can't spend a lot on it, but it has been something that I have wanted for a long time. I always put it off because we need the money for something else, but I have been thinking more and more that it would be a good purchase and even my dh has told me he would love it too. We don't have any gyms close and we probably would not be able to afford the fee anyways, so to me this would be a good investment. So, I want your ideas. I know some of you have treadmills. Do you love them? Got any good suggestions for buying one? Would a Wii Fit be better? I don't have a Wii gaming system so I'd have to buy one of those too. So, I'd really like to hear your ideas on treadmills, Wii's etc. Thanks!


Karilynn said...

I've heard the WII fit is awesome. I actually own a WII but haven't gone out to get the program. For me, having a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old makes it pretty impossible to work out at home. So I MUST leave the house.
I say check out treadmills on your local craigslist. You can find amazing things on those websites. Congrats on getting up 30 minutes earlier. It's fun to make little changes and see how they positively impact your mood. :o)

shrinkingme said...

I am half 'n' half on that one! When I started exercising again after 10 0dd years of not, the treadmill was awesome. I love, or should say LOVED to run before kids, it was great. Unfortunately even with the best intentions the treadmill tends to become a clothes holder at some point! I would aim for the Wii and Wii fit for a couple of reasons. One being it's something that your whole family can do, and do together. Juat using the Wii Tammy was able to get rid of her "back boobs" last year (Bowling and boxing IS exercise I swear!!) And with the Wii fit, which my husband actually wants, you get to change it up all the time. And, I think it wouldn't cost as much as a GOOD treadmill would. I would still take Karilynn's advice about looking on craigslist and such because you can find Wii's often enough as well. Good luck on your decision!!

thewwchick (aka: Heather) said...

Hi Lorie,
I bought a treadmill about 1 1/2 years ago after a loooooong time of really wanting one. I never use it. Ever. I just hate it. It's so boring. I am pretty true blue with my Leslie Sansone DVD collection. As much as I hate to exercise, she really makes me happy. I enjoy her positive energy. We do have a Wii and Wii Fit. That is WAY more fun than a treadmill, but it's difficult for me to get in steady exercise with it because the kids always want to join me. lol

Jen said...

Lorie, I have a treadmill and currently it's a clothes hanger. I don't know what it is about it, but has NO lure to me at all! I need to exercise though! I REALLY NEED to, so I'd love if we could figure something out together to motivate each other. Oh and funny thing is, I have the Wii fit, I just forget I have it! LOVE IT! So, ya, let's think of something and I'll pull that fit out and get moving! It's a start right?

Natalie said...

i have a wii fit and a gym membership. i walk right past the treadmills for the group fitness classes. you might look on craigs list or ebay for fitness dvds like billy banks or someone. i love the wii fit and having the wii has been great exercise for the whole family!!!