Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yummy Snack!

I have posted this recipe on here before, but it is one of my most favorite and I traveled over an hour yesterday to get some things I can't find around here and I found the Mission Carb Balance Tortillas that are only 1 point each. I love these!
Apple Pie Enchilada
1 medium sized apple - cored, peeled, and chopped(I used my Pampered Chef Apple Peeler corer, Slicer made it so much easier!)
1 Light Laughing Cow Wedge (Swiss flavor)(Find in the fancy cheese section)
1 Tortilla, whole wheat or other 1 point tortilla
Cinnamon (I just sprinkled some on the apples)
Splenda (0-2 packets depending on sweetness of apple)
Put peeled, cored, and chopped apple in a bowl and toss with Cinnamon and Splenda (if desired). Microwave for 1 minutes, or until soft. While your apple is cooking, spread your Laughing Cow cheese wedge on your tortilla. Spoon the cooked apple pieces into your tortilla. You can either just let it sit for about a minute to “melt” the cheese, or you can microwave for another 30 seconds. (I microwaved mine and I think it made the tortilla better) Fold over. Eat and enjoy!
**Note: You can also top it with 2 Tbsp Fat Free Cool Whip!
(Points will depending on the size of apple and kind of bread product you use- mine was 3 points)

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Jen said...

YUM, this looks delicious! I love those tortillas! They are life savers!