Monday, January 19, 2009

Where do I find time to work out?

I think that my biggest excuse to working out is finding the time. With 4 kids my day is pretty planned out for me and I don't get a lot of "me time." I like to exercise by myself and finding someone who will take the kids for those 30 minutes has been rare in the past few months. Yesterday I went for a "winter walk" and I really enjoyed that, but today it is a lot colder and there is a lot more snow outside. So, I guess sometime today I will be doing a Leslie Sansone DVD. I should say I will be doing a Leslie Sansone DVD today. There that sounds better. :) I found a great article in the Jan/Feb 2009 Weight Watchers Magazine that talked about how to MAKE time in your day for exercise. The article gave 8 ways to make time to exercise. I am going to list them here. More for me that anyone else. :) But, I hope they help you too!
1. Downsize your to-do list- My to-do list is full of stuff everyday. I get so overwhelmed, that it never gets all the way done. I would always put shower on my list or I'd feel guilty about doing it because I had so many other things to do. I know bad! This article suggest that we need to zero in on 5 key task that you MUST accomplish that day. The list should fit on a large post-it note and if it does not you should bump some of those things over to the next day.
2. Get off the phone- In my case, I think I should add get off the computer. The article states that we lose valuable time chatting to friends. If you have a cell phone, go chat it up while taking a walk.
3. Maximize weekend time- The article suggest that we have a lot more flexible time on the weekends and we should try to use that time to get in a good workout. When it is nice outside spend a Saturday outside doing an activity. Personally, my weekends are busier than my week days because I try to fit so much into it because I do have a little more help with the kids then.
4. Monitor E-Mail time- Instead of checking your e-mail all day. Limit yourself to 5 e-mail checks a day and have designated times for them. The article suggest that this could free up to 15 minutes a day.
5. Give yourself a takeout pass- I like this idea, although my budget might not. They suggest giving yourself the right to order out once a week to free up time you would be using in the kitchen. It also suggest that it not be junk food. I like Subway. I think I kind of do something like this anyways and I don't have to order carry out! I like to double my meals as I cook and freeze one of the meals to eat later. This saves me a lot of time later. I need to try to do this once a week, so I will have one night the next week that I am not cooking. Last night I doubled my Crockpot Brown Sugar Chili, so I can use that for one day next week to save me time in the kitchen that I could use to exercise.
6. Give 30 minutes, Get 30 minutes- The article suggest that research shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it. So, it suggest you go to bed 30 minutes earlier and set you alarm clock 30 minutes earlier. You get the same amount of sleep and you'll be able to dedicate those extra morning minutes to exercise!
7. Eliminate Tiny Time Sappers- These are the small to-do's on our list that we have so many of them that they add up and suck time right from us. You need to identify your time sappers and the article suggest getting rid of at least one each day. The article also says that these are usually things we are doing for someone else like baking cupcakes for your child's school party or babysitting for a friend's child at the last minute. I guess learning to say no is sometimes beneficial to our workout!
8. Have a plan- If you have seen my header to this blog you know I am big on PLANNING! If we have an exercise plan we are so much more likely do follow it and get our exercise in. That's kind of like my Monday Menu Plan. When I plan my menu, we eat what's on there. When I don't I end up spending more money than I should have and not staying on my eating plan as well. So, I guess exercise time is the same way, I need to have a plan for what I want to do and maybe even a set time. This way it is more likely to get done. The article suggest that you could take a fitness class of some kind and after paying for it before the classes start, you will be more likely to make time for it. Well, that's not going to happen for me due to budget restraints, so I am going to have to be a little more creative. But, I know lots of you do go to the gym and pay a membership fee, so that might apply to you.
The end of the article talked about how much time we spend in our car and gave some ideas for adding fitness to that time. What a great idea! Overall, I felt like this article gave me some great ideas to making time for me to exercise.
What do you do to make time to exercise?


Anonymous said...

I, too, have found it hard to find the time to exercise, and being consistant with it. Thank you for sharing this article!

shrinkingme said...

Lorie, I have to just say that you have been inspiring me for a whole year now!! I suck when it comes to doing things where I have to be patient. I want the things I want, now. LOL I know it sounds stupid. But I have given myself an "out" on being healthy because I cant get the results now. It takes work and dedication and I am done with the excuses. People look at me and they wonder why I did this last year, and why I'm doing it this year. All they see is whats on the outside, I am so unhealthy on the inside though. I love that you are constantly giving tips and articles on how I can accomplish my goals. Thanks so much for inspiring me!!!

Kristi said...

That's great info! Can you imagine how much easier exercise will be once the warm weather hits? New Years resolutions should occur in the spring/summer when it's easier to find more ways to burn calories, without always having to exercise the old fashioned way. LOL.

PS...I did add you to my list about a week ago. So you are on there!! And I enjoy checking your blog too. Love the pics at the top!

Mimi's Toes said...

YOu amaze me with 4 kids and you are doing so good. I try to walk on the treadmill after dinner but sometimes it doesn't work that way. I get home from work at 5:30 and usually tired, but I am making myself walk this week after reading your post. Thanks again for motivating me.

grace said...

Guess What Lorie, I joined WW. I usually go early in the morning when everyone is asleep. I hope that you are doing fine

Anonymous said...

Very good post..