Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday or should I say Tuesday?

I recently was given a whole lot of FREE produce! I will not let it go to watse! My babysitter brought me a lot of tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, and a whole box of apples. My mother in law also gave us zucchini and yellow squash. So I am going to be making a lot of stuff with all of this produce. I plan to shred my zucchini and put in a freezer bag enough for a recipe of zucchini bread so I can just pull it out of the freezer when I want to cook some bread this fall! I am still doing Weight Watchers Flex! Here is my plan. If you do not find a recipe link come back through the week as I post my new recipes as I make them.

Monday- Hungry Girl's Whopper, green beans, mashed potatoes, cooked cabbage, corn on cob, Barbo's Crockpot Apples
Tuesday- Fat Free Hot Dogs , baked chips, Junior Mint Brownies
Wednesday-Bubble-Up Pizza Casserole, salad, Apple Crisp for the Crockpot
Thursday-Corn Dog Casserole, salad, Crispy Zucchini Coins, Peanut Butter Cookies
Friday-Pizza Cups, salad, Easy Zucchini Bread
Saturday-Buffalo Chicken Pasta, salad or veggies, Baked Apple Streusel
Sunday-Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti, salad

Healthy Apple Muffins (I hope to freeze some), yogurt
English Egg and Cheese Muffins (2 days)
Cereal, fruit
Low fat waffles and fruit
Baked Sugar Doughnuts, fruit
Cinnamon French Toast, fruit

Squash Stir Fry
Cheesy Veggie Soup
Light Bologna Sandwich, baked chips
Refried Beans Soup

Snacks (DS is in school and needs snacks to take, it is so much cheaper to make my own!)
Wendy's No Bake Peanut Butter Bars
Chex Party Mix
Fat Free Rice Krispie Treats
Butterscotch Bars
I'm also planning to make some apple butter and some applesauce!
Go here to see more plans.


Natalie said...

some of these sound really really good! i will be back to hear more about them.

yeah for free produce!!!!!

Kristy said...

I love the taste of zucchini with spaghetti sauce - I slice zucchini and boil it with whole wheat pasta, then top with a low-sugar spaghetti sauce. Or, I've sliced zucchini, topped with spaghetti sauce and low-fat mozzarella, and baked for 25-30 minutes. So good!

Renee said...

Congrats on the free produce! Great menu plan.