Monday, April 7, 2008

Today's Lunch

I had this wonderful lunch today, the kids did not even know it was less fat!
Ballpark Fat Free Hot Dogs(made from beef, turkey, and pork- 1 point each and they taste really good!
Sarah Lee Whole Wheat Buns(I think Wonder also makes one)- 2 points each
15 Baked Doritos- 2 points
1 apple- 1 point
water- no point
Total- 9 points (I ate 2 hot dogs) I have a lot more points than some of you. I pretty much try to use 8-10 points a meal and the rest for snacks. I have 36 points right now. 1 hot dog with the rest of the stuff would probably have been enough, but I ate 2.
I know some people don't like hot dogs, but I used to enjoy them and while I will not eat this a lot it is a great alternative! The taste is great. The texture is a little softer and does not crunch when you bite into it, but heck for 1 point, YUMMY!


Natalie said...

we had these for dinner tonight. i cooked them on the grill and served with grilled corn on cob! this is one of our fav summer dinners and we have watermelon for desert!

Foxy5 said...

I've never seen those at the store. I normally buy Kunzler turkey hotdgos. They are 2 pts. The Oscar Mayer dogs are just too expensive for that 1 less point. Where did you find these?

Lorie said...


Foxy5 said...

I hadn't shopped at Walmart for awhile, but I did my shopping there tonight. I found a coupon for the BallPark turkey dogs (I don't think they are Fat free though) and got 2 packs for 88cents each! SO.. we will be enjoying these for a meal this week.