Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AR: Letting Go of Perfect

Note:AR=Article Review. Some of you know me and I love to read so when I read different health and weight loss articles, I plan to review them here. These may not interest you, but if I write about it I learned something, so I am going to put it here.
Letting Go of Perfect
Weight Watchers Magazine pages 134-136
May-June 2008 Issue
Well when I first read the title of this article, I thought to myself I have never thought of myself as perfect in regards to weight and I really do not know if I will ever get there either. That is really what this whole article was about. How do you know what your goal weight will be? How do you decide that? When we go to Weight Watchers, they have you set a 10% goal to get you started. they also tell you what your healthy goal is. Mine was 160. I really do not think I will ever be 160. I do not really ever remember being 160 in my life. So, is that really what I want to set my weight loss goal as? I decided that losing 100 pounds would be great! I felt like I could get there but I will only be at 223 pounds. That will be quit a change from what my body is used to. The article talks a lot about finding your comfortable goal. I will definitely be a lot more comfortable at 223 than I was at 323! But will that be my comfortable weight? In weight watchers, you have to set a goal close to your healthy weight, from what I understand or have a doctor's not about what your healthy weight should be. I really want to work for Weight Watchers someday. I have never said that on here before, but I would love to help people experience what I have experienced in my weight loss journey! I know though that if I do not set my healthy weight as a goal, I can never be a WW leader because they will not hire you unless you are at a healthy weight. The article also says you should look at age ,height and weight, your lifestyle, and your doctor's advise when trying to come up with a goal weight number. Having to maintain the weight later is what makes the goal weight comfortable. Can you maintain the weight you want to get at, that's the question. Basically for me, I got that you need to set a goal that is going to be comfortable to you. I know I have 17 more pounds to lose before I set that goal with weight watchers, so I have awhile longer to look at it. This article definitely gave me some things to think about as I get ready to decide on a weight loss goal. I really enjoyed this article. It's all about comfort not perfection.
What helped you make the decision as to what your weight loss goal would be? Are you going with a healthy weight or a comfortable weight you can maintain?

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Jen said...

I liked this article. When I came up with my goal weight, I decided to do a weight that was not only in the healthy range, but also a comfortable weight that I would be more likely to maintain. I picked on that was on the upper side of my healthy weight range, but not the tip top. I found that it seemed more realistic to do this, even though it was still a lot to lose. Once I got to that goal, I lost a bit more, but the weight I picked was a good one for goal! I'm eager to get back to that weight goal now after having my second baby and am excited to feel more confident in my skin! :)