Friday, April 18, 2008

Going out for my birthday!

Next Tuesday is my birthday so dh is taking me out to dinner tonight to Applebee's. I am really excited! We even have a babysitter coming to our house. I like that so much better than taking the kids to Granny's house because we only have to take one car. Then we go to my favorite place The Dollar Tree to see if they have any new dollar magazines. they have old magazines one month or newer for $1 buck and I love to go see what they got! Can you tell how poor I am, little things like this make me excited!


Melissa said...

Oh have fun!

Michelle said...

Have a fun night with your husband and no kids! I didn't know $1 stores had magazines. I love those stores, I'll have to check next time.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday on Tuesday!! I hope you had fun at Applebee's with your hubby!