Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 4 Weight Watchers Meeting

Well I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and I had a loss of .8. This kindof makes me upset because I really feel like I made an effort this week. I got in my daily guidelines and exercised almost every day this week and all I get is .8? Last week, I lost 3.6 pounds and I did not even exercise on day? I guess I am just lost as to what my body is wanting. I do know that most weeks I get really good numbers so I guess I can't complain. .8 of a pound is still a lost so it goes in as a loss and it is going to take awhile to loss what I put on. Just kind of frustrating, when you try so hard you get not as good of numbers when you try so hard. Anyways, I have lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks of Weight Watchers! I think that is pretty good when you look at the 4 week number! This week we talked about red light, green light, and yellow light foods. I did a post about this here, as it was on the daily calendar that I do for daily motivation. Well, onto a better week!


Renee' said...

Next week will be better! Though this week wasn't bad. Sometimes weight loss tapers off for a fe weeks. Keep going- you're doing great!!


Mimi's Toes said...

You still had a loss and you should be proud of that. Your body will catch up with it next week and you will lose more...just watch. It's a strange thing, our bodies! I had a great loss that I posted. I think you are doing amazing and don't get discouraged.