Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why do you want to lose weight?

Daily Thought......

Complete this sentence: "I am working to lose weight so I will......."
I guess I have 4 main reasons for losing weight:
1. Health reasons, my blood pressure is really high.
2. To be able to fit in my clothes. When I started I wore about the biggest you could find in the store and they really did not even fit. I would love to be able to wear panty hoes again (believe it or not) and wear a cute swim suit that does not have a skirt around it.
3. To be able to more easily play with my children. I already see a difference in this one!
4. To learn how to eat healthier. I need to learn to resist certain foods! I need to learn to eat what my body needs and not what I want that is not so great for me!
Why do you want to lose weigh?


Melissa said...

Great reasons Lorie! BTW, we need some more pictures! I bet you are looking great!

Jen said...

This list is a great one too!

Sharon said...

I am losing weight so I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I get so down when I feel my fat bouncing around me. :(
I'm also happy to be with WW early enough where my eating habits will change in time to set good habits for my children while THEY are young enough to know no differently. I'd say that is the biggest reason for me.