Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weight Watchers Meeting #5

Well my meeting was not as bad as I thought it would be. I knew I had done GREAT this week. Stayed on points, exercised everyday, so why was I worried? I got on the scales and I had lost another 2.4 pounds! I was so excited! This puts me at 286 pounds. Since going to Weight Watchers I have lost 11.4 pounds! I have lost a total of 37.8 pounds since I started! 32 pounds would have been my 10% if I had started going to meetings when I started, but now I have to lose 29 pounds while going to meetings to get my 10% key chain. I only have 17.6 pounds to go to reach my 10% and get my key chain. I will get a 25 pound charm before I get my key chain to put it on. I am feeling so much better. I went to the grocery and got some different foods that I think will help me with this rut I am in. I thought it was kind of funny that after the lady had rung up my groceries, she said man you sure do eat healthy. I never thought someone would say that about me! lol!
Last night we talked about Eating Triggers and Trigger feelings. When we have those feelings like stress, loneliness, boredom, tiredness, we need to find something else to do instead of eat. Like exercise!, clean house, etc! Using food to handle our feelings is a vicious cycle. We feel bad then eat then feel guilty then eat! We need to try to break that vicious cycle. Also our leader said that lack of sleep is one of the causes of obesity in America. I found that interesting. Exercise is suppose to make you sleep better and people who exercise before a meal make better food choices. I have been exercising, but you know I really do not think I use food anymore to help with feelings. I have done really well just sticking on the plan and I like the foods I am eating so that makes it so much easier for me.
Well off to start another good week, I HOPE!
Oh and the red star is my first 5 pounds, the pink star is an additional 5 pounds and the line is where I need to get to reach my 10%.


mom_of2boys said...

Awesome job! You are on a roll!

Mimi's Toes said...

Good for you....I had a 1 lb gain this week...