Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, I read an article in the new Weight Watchers Magazine about clutter and how it affects your weight loss journey. (I need to do an AR on it) Anyways, I used to do FlyLady cleaning system and I loved it. So, in an effort to get rid of some of my clutter, body clutter included, I am going to start doing it again. You can visit her website for more details, but here are the basics, which by the way a lot apply to weight watchers!

These apply to us as Weight Watchers:
Drink 6-8oz glasses of water
Plan ahead for dinner
15 minutes of Activity
Take your vitamin

These 7 make a huge difference in feeling like your house is under your control. Start with a small routine and go on from there. Beginning w/your prayer time is a great way to start. It's amazing how the rest of your day can fall into place.

1.Get Dressed from Head to Toe.
2.One load of laundry a day (This has to be at least two in my family of 6!)
3.Quick clean up in the bathroom (This makes a HUGE difference!)
4. Clean your sink (I think this refers to your kitchen sink and having your dishes done.)
5. Make your bed (This makes a HUGE difference in my bedroom and takes very little time to do.)
6. 15 minutes a day in the zone (Fly Lady has zones for your house.)
7. Bless your family weekly

Number 7 talks about doing a weekly home blessing. You are suppose to spend 10 minutes on the following task one time a week.

7 weekly home blessings tasks:
Mirrors and Doors
Purge magazines
Change Sheets
Empty all trash

This week we are in the living room until Wednesday and then we move to another zone since it is a new month. You are suppose to work on decluttering your zone for at least 15 minutes. The key is baby steps will help you get it done. We can do anything for 15 minutes. If you think you have all of your decluttering done then Kelly, Fly Lady's friend, gives you a mission to work on in your zone so you are at least spending 15 minutes in that zone.

I definitely have not mastered a whole lot of the list above but with baby steps I know I will be able to! I think that it works the same way with weight loss, baby steps are going to get me there!

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