Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have now lost over 40 pounds!

My Weight Watcher Meeting last night was a pleasant surprise! I lost another 2 pounds. I weighed in at 283.6! So, that means I have now lost over 40 pounds! I am so excited!!!!
Our meeting was really interesting. our leader talked about passing the fruit. She told a story about Fergie who had her mother leave at a very young age due to divorce, so she ate to take care of that problem and then she ate after her bad marriage and she gained a lot of weight. Whenever she felt tempted by friends, she would would always have some fruit laying around and she would say pass the fruit instead of eating what everybody else was eating. Our leader encouraged us to go out on a limb because that was where the fruit was located. We also talked about when you tell your friends you are a weight watcher and when you don't. I always tell people, but sometimes there are benefits to not telling people. Like if you took something to a potluck, if you don't tell them your food is weight watcher friendly people will be more likely to eat it and never know it is "diet" food. Whereas if you did tell them, they might never try it. So, overall good meeting!


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Mimi's Toes said...

Wonderful for you to hit that 40 lb. mark. You are really kicking it girl. I am so happy for you. I love that fruit story.

Natalie said...

great job on the loss! i found your two pounds. hummmmm. i am expecting a much better weigh in this next week.