Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Day

And oh what a day it was! I got all the kids ready and then we went to the library in the next county and then I took the kids to BK to play. I got me a 4 point chili at the Wendy's next door. I brought juice for the kids but got them a cheese burger. Then we went to dh's mom's house for awhile. Then we had to come back home because my older son was coming home from school. I then cooked dinner and cleaned and mopped the kitchen floor. We had Cheeseburger Rollup and it was excellent! I served it with a salad and green beans. So anyways we ate dinner and then dh and my older son mowed and weed eated the yard, while the younger kids and I went to the park. I can walk while they play since the track is so little and the playground is in the middle. This time I still got my 30 minute walk in but it was a little bit harder. Seems they are taking down some huge playground equipment and they left the bulldozer there and a big hole in the ground. Why would they leave something like that and not close the park with so many kids there? I just do not get it. Well, we can home and got baths done and I cleaned up from dinner and now I am just very tired! I still have to take a shower and read some of my book that just came in at the library (I had it on reserve), The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis. It's a sequel so I am really excited to get it started. I also want to watch American Idol results show at 9 pm. So, I still have several things to do tonight, but overall it was a very fun day! I stayed on point and I still have my popcorn that I eat during American Idol already figured in, so I am doing good!
Oh and about American Idol there are several I really like. I like Brooke but she stopped and restarted last night? Nobody ever wins that I think will win but so I am going for an the underdogs. I like both David's and Brooke those are my faves! Well I better go I got lots to do!

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