Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday :( It's over! time to move on!

Well, my dh and I always do a birthday dinner with the kids for our birthdays. Since I am going to a Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday, he decided to do it last night. He made me pick a cake I would eat that was 4 points and it was good! I also had a sirloin steak that was at least 10 points and a baked potato and a cauliflower/broccoli mix. I fell a little guilty this morning eating all that I ate, but it was my birthday and it was good!!!! And guess what that cake is still in my fridge, the leftovers and I want some. It is sitting in there telling me I need it but I will not give in. Guess I am going to have to get the kids to finish it off for me. Ha Ha! Anyways, I'll share the recipe in the next post, it is soo good! I really have changed the way I feel about eating and weigh ins. I might not have a great weigh in but I got to enjoy some good food and time with my family. So, I was living and I had the points to use. When I did into my flex points though, I just seem not to lose as much. I did get to go out by myself and take a 53 minute brisk walk. So, that also gave me some nice activity points. Now though I have to move on and make healthier choices!

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Jen said...

Hurray for you for not giving in to the cake in the fridge! I learned WW a little bit different way than they do it now, but it's basically the same thing. You had a range of 5 point difference each day you were allowed, say 25-30 pts or whatever. I would always try to stay on the low end of my point spectrum, so when I went down to the next range, it wasn't so hard. Therefore, I rarely used the (what they call now the Flex) points and it seemed to help me lose weight faster. I also wouldn't count in my activity points. I'd still exercise, but I wouldn't give myself extra points if I did. Okay, there's my novel. BTW- LOVED the Chips Ahoy dessert!!