Friday, April 25, 2008

What's for Breakfast on the Flex Plan?

Here are my top 10 favorite breakfast ideas since being on Weight Watchers:

1. Special K Red Berry Waffles- These are 3 points for 2 and I just love them with a piece of fruit and sugar free syrup. I finally found a sugar free syrup that I like!
2. Nutrigrain Waffles- I like the blueberry ones and they are also two for 3 points.
3. Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control Banana Bread Oatmeal- This yummy three point breakfast is so good. I add a chopped banana it adds two points but also gives me a fruit and veggie serving and really makes you full. I feel stuffed after one bowl! Check your points because different flavors can be different points.
4. Kashi Go Lean Cereal- I like this 3 point bowl of cereal! It really feels me up until lunch time.
5. Breakfast Sandwich:
Breakfast Sandwich (4.5 points)
1 Light English Muffin (1 point)
1 Morningstar "Sausage" Patty (2 points)
1/4 cup Southwestern Style Eggbeaters (.5 point) (Sometimes I do not add this)
1 Weight Watcher Single Cheese (1 point)
Toast the English muffin. While it's toasting, microwave the sausage patty for 1 minute in the microwave, and then microwave the Eggbeaters for 1 minute in a small bowl in the microwave. Once your English muffin is ready, assemble your sandwich and let the cheese melt for a few minutes.
Note: If you're home and have access to an oven, you can certainly scramble the Eggbeaters in a frying pan. The microwave is so fast and easy though!
6. Tropicana Lite Orange Juice- This has the weight watcher symbol and is 1 point per 1 cup serving. I really like it. this is not 100% juice so you can't count it as a fruit and vegetable serving, but I still like it.
7. Breakfast Pizzas:(Usually on weekends!)
Breakfast Pizzas
1 tube reduced-fat Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 cup fat-free cheddar cheese
1 cup Eggbeaters
1 cup frozen hash browns
salt and pepper to taste
Optional: Veggies of your choice (peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.)
Bacon (adds extra points!)
Preheat oven to 400ยบ. Unroll the crescent rolls on a large baking sheet (no need to grease). Roll or press flat. Separate the dough (8 triangles) into 4 rectangles. Pinch each set of 2 triangles together to form a rectangle. Pinch edges up to form crust. You will end up with four little rectangular crusts. Cover each pizza with 1/4 cup hash browns. (At this stage you would also add any additional ingredients, such as veggies or bacon.) Next, pour 1/4 cup Eggbeaters carefully over each pizza. Then, cover each pizza with 1/4 cup cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste.Bake at 400 degrees for 13-15 minutes.
Yields: 4 breakfast pizzas (6.5 points each)
Another option is to make 8 smaller pizzas (3 points each) and serve as a side-dish with pancakes or waffles. You can either separate the dough into 8 small rectangles, or else press the dough into 1 large circle, prepare like a normal pizza, and then cut into 8 slices.
Nutritional Info: 297.5 calories, 9 g. fat, .75 g. fiber (6.5 points each)
8. Weight Watcher Yogurt- I love the Boston Cream Pie and Amaretto Cheesecake and for only 1 point! I also always eat this with a fruit.
9. Apple Pie Oatmeal-Taste just like Apple Pie!!!
Apple Pie Oatmeal
1 package of light cinnamon flavored oatmeal like Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control Cinnamon
Dash of extra cinnamon to taste
1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce or a single serve container
Pour the package contents in a small bowl with a dash of extra cinnamon and add about 1/2 cup of boiling water. Stir and let sit a minute. Stir in the applesauce and sprinkle with a bit more cinnamon.
Makes 1 serving
200 calories, 3g fat, 9g fiber (3 WW points)
10. Breakfast Lean Pockets- I always eat this with a fruit and they have sausage, ham, and bacon ones. They taste good and are 3 points. I really have to eat something else with this because it is small and not real filling, but it is yummy!

What is your favorite breakfast?


Michelle said...

Wow, some of those I couldn't believe were breakfast foods, they sound so good!

My favorite, not healthiest, breakfast food is strawberry crepes with whip cream. Mmmmmm. :D

thewwchick said...

Lorie, my favorite breakfast is 1/3 c Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain Cereal cooked 6 minutes in microwave with 1 c water & 1/4 c bran. Once it's done cooking, add in 1/2 cup blueberries (which are full of antioxidants), 1 tsp flax oil, 2 tsp splenda brown sugar, and enjoy! You kill a bunch of Good Health Guideline birds with one stone here. It's a source of super healthy grains, fruit, and oil. :)

Jen said...

I love the Berry Waffles and the Kashi cereal as well! Delicious!! I'll have to make your breakfast pizzas. They sound yummy!! I also eat the WW chocolate Muffins (3 points) when I'm in a hurry (you can buy them pretty much at any grocery store). I also, though I shouldn't be admitting this, will eat Mrs. Freshley's Snack Away Chocolate Cupcakes. They are delicious and only 2 points and have lots of fiber (9 grams) to keep me full for a long time, delicious. They are also a great treat during the day or for something sweet after dinner :)

Foxy5 said...

If I'm super hungry at breakfast I'll eat a bowl of strawberry mini-wheats. Otherwise my normal b'fast is 1 cup of rice krispie cereal w/ strawberries. Hmm, I guess I like strawberries! :)
On Saturdays as I head out the door early to find some yard sale bargains I'll eat a quick banana muffin.
I'm thinking I will need to try some of your b'fast options though. They are much more exciting than a bowl of cereal.