Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thought for the Day-Lighted Foods

I am going to put the last three days on here so you can understand this statement.
Red-light foods are foods we can't handle successfully. It is often better to avoid them until we can.
Yellow-light foods can be eaten successfully in some situations. you may want to buy one cookie at the bakery rather than bake an entire batch at home.
Green-light foods are healthy and good for us. Stock up on them at the store.
Here is a list of some of these foods for me:
Green-light foods: veggies (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, green beans) fruits (strawberries, apples, oranges, grapefruits) lean meats (chicken breast, skinless), milk and milk products like yogurt, and whole grain breads.
Yellow-light foods for me are some of the foods that I buy in the 100 calorie packs. I love the Grasshopper cookies and the 100 calorie pack allows me to still be able to enjoy it without overdoing it!
Red-light foods for me are big bags of potato chips (even though they are cheaper than 100 calorie packs, I would eat the whole bag, I am not successful with the big bag. Some restaurant foods I just have to stay away from especially french fries and onion rings. Most cookies, cakes ,etc.
What are some of these foods for you?

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