Monday, February 11, 2008

Counting Weight Watcher Points is Sometimes Confusing to Me!

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I have been counting my popcorn wrong! Lol, sometimes I am so stupid not all together there. I counted the popped calories, but was counting the unpopped fat, pretty big difference. The box says that 5 cups popped are a serving, but it gives the calories and fat for 1 cup, they want you to work don't they? 1 cup popped is 20 and the serving size 5 cups would be 100. The popped fat is 0.5 per cup (I had been counting 4 g fat per serving.) so 5 cups would be 2.5 and the fiber I guess is same for popped or unpopped one cup or three I am not really sure? It says 3 grams. So I calculate 5 cups to be 2 points. I had been counting more like 5? Sometimes those food labels are really confusing. My taco dinner that the kids like is the same way, so confusing. Wouldn't it be nice if everything had the WW points on it. I know I am dreaming!
Also, if I spell something wrong, I am sorry my spell checker has not worked on my blogger blogs for about a week?

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