Friday, February 8, 2008

Food and Exercise Log for Feb 8

New Day! I love when I get to start over! I hope to get two 30 minute sessions of walking in today. I do not know right now what we are doing this weekend. We found out what was wrong with our second car, it was the distributor. About a $400 job, but I guess we are going to get it fixed and we should have two cars by early next week. It will be nice to have a car during the day. But, we will not have it for long because then we lose our other car for two weeks because it has to be fixed from the storm damage (a tree fell on it) that cost about $3000, thanks for insurance! Well, I hope everyone has a great day!
Food Log
1 cup Go Lean Crunch Cereal-3 points
1/2 cup skim milk- 1 point
Healthy Choice Garden Vegetable Soup- 2 points
Total Daily Points Used: 6 points
Total Daily Points Allotted: 30 points
Weekly 35 Flex Points Used: 0 points
Water Intake: 33.8 ounces
Fruit and Veggie Servings: 2
Dairy Servings: 1
Exercise Log:
30 minutes Walk and Kick Aerobics: +3 activity points

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