Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food and Exercise Log for Feb 28

Food Log
WW English muffin Sandwich- 4 points
grapefruit-1 point
Leftover Deep Dish Pizza Casserole- 6 points
Salad w/ light dressing- 2 points
cereal-3 points
2 rice cakes- 2 points
Popcorn- 2 points
WW Carmel Cake- 1 point
dinner-7 points
Total Daily Points Used: 28 points
Total Daily Points Allotted: 31 Points
Total Weekly 35 Flex Points Used: o points
Water Intake: 67.6 ounces
Fruit and Veggie Servings- 2
Dairy Servings: 2
Exercise Log:
30 min. Walk and Kick DVD- 3 activity points

1 comment:

Natalie Dickey said...

good job on all of your logs. and great job getting in some activity points. i have been doing WW for 3 years (i had a baby in the middle) and i have found that when i eat less packaged foods and more fruit and veggies that i get much better results. set yourself a goal of marking all of your boxes on your tracker at least one day this week! let me know if you need any help and keep pushing...we will do this together!