Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Food and Exercise Log for Feb. 20

Yesterday I hurt my knee doing my workout. It just hurts now if I move it a certain way and it is just a noticable hurt, not like killing me or anything. I just hope I will be able to exercise again!
Food Log
2 Eggo Nutri-Grain Blueberry Waffles- 3 pts
Lite Syrup- 2 points
WW Yogurt- 1 point
Orange Juice- 1 point
2 Rice Cake-2 point
Popcorn-1 point
Fiber One Granola Bar- 2 points (so yummy!)
homemade pizza- 8 points
salad with light dressing- 2 points
Granola Bar- 2 points
Rice Cake- 1 point
1/2 cup skim milk- 1 point
fudge pop- 1 point
orange- 2 points
Daily Points Used: 29 points
Daily Points Allotted: 32 points
Water intake: 67.6 ounces
Fruit and veggie servings-3 serving
Dairy Serving- 1 serving
Exercise Log:

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Melissa said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you hurt your knee! Mine was bothering me last week, and after a few days of resting it it felt fine. I hope yours does the same!