Sunday, February 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here's my plan for the week a few new things and a few old!

  1. Deep Dish Pizza Casserole- 6 points, salad
  2. Chicken Divan-4 points, rice
  3. Teriaki Sticky Chicken-4 points rice
  4. Chunky Tomato Soup-1 point, Light Garlic Biscuits
  5. Manwich Tater Tot Casserole 6.5 points, salad
  6. Stovetop Meatloaf Muffins- 2 points each, green beans, mashed potatoes
  7. Baked Rigatoni With Beef- 6.5 points, salad

Valentines Treats For this week:

Black Bean Brownies- 2 points each(these sound nasty, but everywhere I read, people love them! I think there is also a black bean fudge recipe, who knew you could do so much with black beans that was sweet and tasty?

Frozen Peanut Butter Cups- 2 points

Go here to see more plans.


Renee's Reading Corner said...

What a great menu plan!! Let me know how the brownies turn out! Have a great week!

(MPM is now on my recipe blog)

Heart of Wisdom said...

I am going to try the meatloaf muffins. I really like meatloaf once in a while but hubby doesn't. Maybe this will change his mind. YOu'll see it on my next menu. Thanks for the recipe link

I have two posts this week.

1. My regular Menu Plan Monday at

2. An article about menu planning, online helps, and this meme on my homeschool blog

See you there :)

Heart of Wisdom said...

Me again. Why to they call the meatloaf muffins stovetop?

Connie said...

Your menu sounds so good!

I'm not on the WW program but I love their recipes.

Have a great week!