Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bad Bad Bad Day!

Today has been so hard for me! I have major snackies! I have heard that you should journal when you feel like this so that you can see why you are feeling like this and wanting to eat all the time. So here goes. We were suppose to do so many things today including take the kids to the circus. It snowed here and we have about 4 inches of snow and it is still snowing. One inch of snow scares people around here because I live in a very hilly part of Kentucky, but this time it really is bad so we are not going anywhere. The twins are sick with some really bad colds. Nathan woke up last night with croup, so I really did not want to take them out anyways. I probably will not take them to church tommorrow either, if we even have it. So it is snowny and cold and I just want to eat everything in site, oh and I went to the grocery and got some new snack stuff, it's low points stuff 1-3 points per serving, but that stuff adds up! I guess I am lonely, bored and feel trapped in my house. I feel like my hunger can not be fulfilled, it's hard to explain but that is the best I can do. It's kind of like my body is asking for something, but I guess I have not gotten it because I still feel the same way. I have only felt this way a couple of times since I started but today for some reason is worse than others. I have not had one fruit or veggie today or dairy serving and I have already used all of my points. I still have dinner to eat. Well, I am going to try to not feel bad or guilty because what's done is done, I can only move on and do better, right? I did go check the scales today most of the time that gives me encouragement to do the right thing in regards to eating. I know, I hear you all saying that it is bad to weigh yourselves so much but it really motivates me, but I bet when it stops moving it will not be going in the right direction that that will bother me. This morning I weighed 294.4 lbs. Which means I have lost over 4 pounds since last week's weigh in, but this day may affect me. Wa wa wa, why did I make the wrong decisions?:( :( :(


Beth said...

I'm not dieting, but gosh, I've been eating a lot this afternoon ... for similar reasons you described! Kids have been sick and it's just too darn cold to leave the house (at least we don't have as much snow as you do, though). We've barely left the house the past two weeks and it's just depressing!

So no advice here, but tons of sympathy!! It's so hard not to snack when you are stuck at home all day. But you are strong and I'm sure you can get back on track soon.

Foxy5 said...

Ugh. I know those days. They happen. No biggie. This isn't a "diet" you are on, it's a new way of life. It's a healthier life style. Start the next meal off fresh.
When I have those days I like to jot down what exactly I was feeling that made me reach for food, and what I felt after I ate it. Though it doesn't stop me at that moment from eating, it helps me to understand my habits and learn for the next time.
Sorry for the snow and the sick kiddos. That is a nasty combo. The circus would have been SO much more fun.

Jennie said...

don't get discouraged! you are doing so great!

i have been having problems with the snack craves lately too! to help me, i bought a big bag of mini carrots, apples and pears.

that has helped me... at least they are better than cookies or chips! lol!