Friday, March 14, 2008

We have the flu! :(

I am so sick! I started feeling really bad last night. Dh has been sick almost a week now and he decided to go to the doctor today. He has the flu. The doctor said it was the bad kind type b. So, she wrote me a prescription for Tamaflu. Dh will just have to deal with his for another week or so because they did not catch his in time. I just started feeling really bad. I hope that the medicine will help me, the pharmacist said that she took it and started feeling better the next day. My kids all have bad colds they have had flu shots and their doctor said that it is good for flu type a,b, and c. So, that is probably why they are not so bad. That Tamaflu is $80 for a 5 day supply. I can't imagine if we had an epidemic like they are saying we will have how we would find the money for everyone in our family to be able to take it? That's scary to even think about! I probably will not be around for a few days while we try to get better.


Beth said...

Oh, man -- I hope the medicine (pricey stuff!!) helps! Being sick is no fun. I don't think I've had the flu but I'm pretty sure I'd be a big whiny baby about it!! Get well soon -- and hope your fam gets better soon, too!

Melissa said...

oh no, I'm sorry you are sick! that is seriously no fun at all! Feel better soon!

Becky said...

Lorie, I hope you start feeling better.