Friday, March 7, 2008

Trying to Figure Out What to Do

Well as most of you know I am doing Weight Watchers, kind of. I really did not have the money to join so I just gathered information from the web and started. I really had to do something, my health depended on it since I was over 300 pounds! I know I am not really doing it right, but I am losing weight. I really want to get the start up materials and maybe even go to the meetings, as I do not get out of the house much with the kids and it would be great for me to get some adult time! So, we have a little bit of money right now, but I am scared we will not always have it. Here are the options that I have found online:
1 You can get a monthly pass for $39.95. Registration fee is free right now. You take that pass and can go to all the monthly meetings, you also get to use the online stuff too. I could do one month maybe two but after that I really do not know if I will be able to afford it?
2. 3 months online for $65. I do not think you get the start up materials though? I do not know how long I will be able to continue this though?
3. I got the new Weight Watchers magazine and saw an article to buy the start up materials and a 1 year subscription to the Weight Watchers magazine for $129.95 plus shipping and handling. The magazine subscription is $17.70 alone. I would miss out on the online stuff which I think is really neat!
So really I don't know what to do and I am doing good an my own, but I really like some of the online features and I really want the start up kit.
Decisions, Decisions....


Becky said...

Lorie, I'm not sure what you should do. I go the meetings because I thought I would be more successful if had to be accountable and I need the encouragement, support and ideas. Anyone can access the basic online stuff but in order to get eTools I pay an extra amount. The eTools fee is not included in my meetings payment (I did get a flyer for 2 weeks free). eTools is nice and has a point tracker I use and many more recipes plus I can convert my own recipes and it will give me the WW points.

The deal in the magazine looks like a good deal. The start up material I got at my first meeting was really basic. I think I got the 1st book Eat Wisley which has the basic plan info and basic points and I got the points slider thing which is nice when I didn't have eTools. All the other stuff you get for the Deluxe Kit from the add I did not get, I paid extra for a few things. So it really does seem like a good deal.

I guess it comes down to weather or not you want the meeting support. Good luck in deciding, I always have a hard time making decisions.

Jennie said...

good luck! i think either way you choose is a win win situation. you are doing so great!

Valorie Leonard said...

I would suggest you hook up with a yahoo group and get very involved and find an accountability partner there (free!!!!) You could go to the first meeting and get the basic info. The meeting accountability is the key to WW, but if you can be faithful to a yahoo group, why not?