Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My new Jeans and March Picture

Well here are my new jeans that fit me. Like I said before, I have not worn real jeans in a long time, probably 12 years at least before that I wore all elastic waist. These zip up and I like my new shirt too. This will be my March progress picture too. I think the pictures were taken too differntly to tell much of a difference, but believe me I know there is a difference! If you want to compare, here are my last pictures. These jeans and shirt were my "reward" for reaching my first goal!

This is not to show you my big fat butt, but to show you my new jeans have no elastic, important only to me probably!

Well thanks for taking part in my exciting new jeans!


Tammy said...

Lorie, You look fabulous!!

Melissa said...

Lorie, there IS a huge difference...you look great!

Foxy5 said...

Oh, I SO see a difference! You are workin' those new jeans! :)

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Wow! You look great! Congrats on the jeans!


shrinkingme said...

WOW!!! There is a really big difference Lorie. And congrats on the "no elastic", that is a really great accomplishment. Keep it up and you will be sexier than you ever imagined girl!!