Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weight Watchers Meeting #2

I just got back from my WW meeting and I lost another 4.6 pounds. I did not exercise much at all this week either because I felt so bad! The scale at WW and my scale are a little different and I was weighing in first thing in the morning and now I am weighing in at night so my weigh in looks higher than last week at 292.8, but with the time of weigh in in mind I did lose weight this week.
We talked about Easter and how to get through it with all the food. We were suppose to talk about the Core program but we never got to that? The Core plan does not sound real good to me anyways, but maybe I am wrong? Our leader read this poem called watch out for the chocolate bunnies. I wish she would have given us a copy because it was really good. Something like you just eat the ears and then it goes to the tail and before you know it it is all gone. So, everyone watch out for the chocolate bunnies.
I also bought some smoothies and some Peanut Butter Bliss Bars, which they have not had any for 6 months. They said they probably will not get anymore for another 6 months? I only bought one box because I want to try them first and man the WW food is not cheap so I probably will not be buying much anyways.


Natalie said...

I hope WW works for you. I really want to do it, but live way too far from the closest meetings.

Natalie said...

I love WW! I think you are wrong about not liking the CORE program. I like it better!!!

Here is the poem you were talking about:
Beware of the Chocolate Bunny

Beware of the Chocolate Bunny
He'll soon be hopping your way.
He'll bring a bunch of chocolate goodies
And leave them on Easter day.

Just a little nibble
What could be the harm?
All those tempting sugary treats
Have such a seductive charm.

I'll nip off just a bunny ear
What’s the harm in that?
It's not like I ate the whole darn thing
So....a little won't make me fat.

Those ears were mighty tasty
But look at that cute little tail.
Just another nibble
It won't show up on the scale.

The bunny looks so sad now
Just chocolate body and toes.
If I gobble up the rest of him
I'm safe.....nobody knows.

Easter week is behind me now,
Ate a little beyond my plan.
The ghosts of Easter baskets haunt
As at the scale I stand.

If I gained a little weight this week
It won't be one bit funny.
I should have heeded that sage advise,

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