Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beware of the Chocolate Bunny!

This was read at our Weight Watchers Meeting thanks to Natalie for giving me a copy!
Beware of the Chocolate Bunny
Beware of the Chocolate Bunny
He'll soon be hopping your way.
He'll bring a bunch of chocolate goodies
And leave them on Easter day.
Just a little nibble
What could be the harm?
All those tempting sugary treats
Have such a seductive charm.
I'll nip off just a bunny ear
What’s the harm in that?
It's not like I ate the whole darn thing
So....a little won't make me fat.
Those ears were mighty tasty
But look at that cute little tail.
Just another nibble
It won't show up on the scale.
The bunny looks so sad now
Just chocolate body and toes.
If I gobble up the rest of him
I'm safe.....nobody knows.
Easter week is behind me now,
Ate a little beyond my plan.
The ghosts of Easter baskets haunt
As at the scale I stand.
If I gained a little weight this week
It won't be one bit funny.
I should have heeded that sage advise,
I hope you all have a great Easter and Watch out for those Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

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Mimi's Toes said...

This was so cute...I am so proud of myself for NOT buying any Easter candy this year...first time ever! I use to love the peeps and cadbury eggs, Oh and the coconut cream eggs. It feels so good to not be tempted by all that junk anymore. Thanks for sharing this.