Monday, March 31, 2008

Thought for the day and Monthly Celebration!

March 31: How will you celebrate your success this month? Reward yourself in a non-food way!
I can't believe it is already the end of the month. When I went back to my progress page where I record my numbers every month, I lost 10 pounds this month. For me 10 pounds in a month is GREAT! I have never actually went back and figured monthly weight changes and I think I kind of like it! So, how am I going to celebrate in a non food way? I have to be careful here because money is tight, but I found that at the Dollar Tree, they have magazines for $1.00. They are from the previous month, but some come out in the middle of the month that they say on the front. I have enjoyed Family Circle, Fitness, Woman's Day, Ladies Home Journal, just to name a few, from there! So, I get $5 to go splurge on magazines that I usually do not go out and buy. I love reading magazines!
How are you going to celebrate your loss this month?
This week has been really good, but I am really scared about going to the scales tomorrow! This is the first week since I joined WW meetings that I really feel like I finally did things right. I have been too sick the other two weeks! I have exercised everyday, but one and earned 3 AP's by doing my walking DVD. Friday(the day I said I did not exercise), I deep cleaned the house and worked really hard for two hours. When I tried to count this online I put in 2 hours of light exercise and it came up with 8 AP's. I did not even count that because I NEVER earn 8 AP's a day, but I probably should have counted it. Yesterday was just so pretty and we have been couped up in this house for just too long being sick that I took the kids, well all but the baby (I left him with daddy!), and we went to the park! We have a really small park, I can walk, while they play and still watch them. I walked for 1 hour and got 4 Ap's. I set a goal to get 18 Ap's this week and I think I might end up getting a few more, probably like 22! Walking outside felt so good! It was just a really pretty day! I also have done really good on my points even with eating out this week! Like I said I ate all of my points and I have said this before that I was doing the wrong points before going to WW and now I am doing a higher number and I am scared that I am not going to lose any. So, we will see. Most of the time I worry about nothing. I also have been trying to get in my 8 Healthy Guidelines this week(I really did not do these before going to WW) and have done really well! I had been having trouble with dairy. Well now that I have discovered WW cookies at 1 point each, drinking my milk is just not so hard! Cookie(s)( I only eat one a day!) and milk on WW! Also I have NEVER done good on getting in my 2 teaspoons of healthy oils. This week I have been using the WW website and message boards and they had a list of things to try to get in the oil requirement. I picked drizzling 2 teaspoons of canola oil on my microwave popcorn and at first I thought that just sounded NASTY, but it is my new fave! So popcorn and healthy oil at 3.5 points a day might be how I get in my healthy oil. I also started taking a vitamin, more regularly. The daily tracker on the WW e-tools has you check it off everyday so I remember! I always struggle with 5 fruits and veggies a day, but seemed to do real well this week, so I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow to see how I really did. I hope everyone else had a great week!


Mimi's Toes said...

You amaze me...10 lbs for the month is amazing...I had a much better week and will weigh in on Wed., so I hope I have a good number to report. I have had that choc. cake from Applebee's and love it. I like the confetti chicken.

thewwchick said...

You're doing GREAT! People really struggle with the oil guideline....until they try it. I love oil on EVERYthing now. Even on my veggie subs at Subway. And my Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain hot cereal (like oatmeal but way better) in the morning. I use flax oil for the hot cereal. Yummmm...and two handfuls of berries. OK, I'm hungry now that I talked up the