Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My First WW Meeting

Well, it is official I heart Weight Watchers. I went last night for the first time and learned I was doing several things wrong! First off, I have been doing 31 points for awhile now. According to the points worksheet I should be getting 37. So, now I know how many points I have and why my snacking the other day and going over in points really did not hurt me. Why am I losing weight and not eating all of my points? I really do not know. I ended up paying for the monthly pass, it was $39.95 and got my books I wanted for $24.00. I still want to get a points calculator but they did not have any in last night. I get all the e-tools to help me with the monthly pass. It is so nice, it keeps up with all of your points and you can put recipes in the recipe builder to find out what the points value is. Well, I talked to dh and told him how much I needed and wanted to go and he said we will find a way for you to go. So, looks like I am going to be going! I can't be happier! It also give me some much needed time away from the house and kids that I do not get much. So, it makes it even funner for me!
Weight Watchers Meeting #1
Here's what I got:
Booklet #1 Eat Wisely
Points slider
Point tracking system
I also bought a Basic Members kit
Our lesson was on Detours the leader talked about how we get back on our road when we take detours. Here are some detours we might experience along the way:
Detours-Obstacles on the road to Goalville
1. Potholes- Unexpected and Unplanned events (leader discussed using extra 35 points to get back on the road.
2. Speed Traps- Slow Scale Progress (leader said this might happen but you have to look at what might be causing the slow progress ex: lack of exercise and work on that to get back on the road.)
3. Traffic Jams- Plateaus (leader said that sometimes this happens, sometimes switching plans could help)
4. Out of Gas- Getting Bored (Leader said that sometimes we need to change what we eat so we do not get bored)
Then we reviewed the 8 Good Health Guidelines which they had went over last week, but she reviewed them:
1. 5 servings of fruits and veggies- I really need to do better on this one!
2. Whole grain foods- I do pretty good on this one just do not like brown rice and several of my meals use rice.
3. 2 servings of dairy- I try on this one, I learned that my WW yogurt serving is not enough to make one serving because it is not 8 ounces so I think I am going to buy some of the smoothies at the meeting, if you make it with milk you can count it as 2 milk servings.
4. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day- I do pretty good on this right now.
5. Get 2 Teaspoons of healthy oil a day- I cook a lot with the canola oil spray and that counts, but really I have not been using anything else and I am going to have to make an effort to work on this.
6. Get at least 2 servings of protein a day- I also do pretty good with this one.
7. Limit added sugar and alcohol- I don't drink so that one is covered, but I need to watch my added sugar.
8. Take a multi vitamin-mineral supplement- I have been doing this too.
The leader said that lots of times when we hit a plateau we need to look back at these healthy guidelines. These guidelines is what makes this eating plan healthier than the fad diets.
Overall really good lesson. The Week 1 book has lots of recipes and meal ideas to get you started.


Becky said...

Lorie, I'm glad you like the WW meetings. I love the eTools, although I have to pay extra for it. It's really helpful. I haven't really looked at the points calculator so I'll have to look when I go to my meeting tonight or tomorrow.

Beth said...

That sounds like a lot of good information! I'm so glad you got to go and that your husband is so supportive in this. What a nice break for you -- something to look forward to!

Rachel said...

That's great that you found something that works. I really need to do something different because I have leveled off and can't seem to loose any more weight no matter what I do.