Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Support in the Weight Loss Journey!

We all have to find support in this weight loss journey. I think that having that support makes the journey so much easier. Many people tell me that this blog motivates them and supports them by giving them ideas they never thought of. I get at least one e-mail a day telling me about how this blog has helped them and while that makes me feel good, it is the support that the people who read this blog give me that has helped me so much. I go to Weight Watcher meetings and that also gives me some support, but I really think my supporters on this blog have given me what I needed most. So, can you do Weight Watchers without meetings? I say only if you have the support that you need. I have a lot of Weight Loss blogs that I read and I try to be supportive and help them get some support that many really need. I think that is why I started Watchin' What We Eat Wednesday! That meme gives me and many others on their own weight loss journey some extra support. Well now I got a request for all my readers! I have a web friend who needs some support. Her name is Katie and she lives in Hong Kong. She does Weight Watchers and I think she could really use some extra support! So, as a favor to me, would you all please go visit her and comment on her blog, so she can get that extra support that I really think she needs! Thanks in advance! :)

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