Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Afternoon Snack Log

I HATE the hours of 2-5:30. I have learned those are my peak times that I feel hungry. Why? I really don't know. It was not that long ago that I ate lunch and today my lunch was good, so I just do not know. I wanted something sweet so I had a 2 point 100 calorie pack of my grasshopper cookies. Then I had a 2 point Popcorn rice cake 90 calorie pack. Then I still got the munchies so I made myself a salad from the leftover at lunch and put on some of my reduced calorie dressing for 1 point so my snacky hours I have used 5 points. I guess that is not bad and I know what my dinner points are going to be and I have the points. I guess I just feel so bad because that is when I am hungry.

Total Afternoon Snack Points- 5 Points

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