Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food Log for Jan 17

Food Log
1 cup Go Lean Crunch Cereal-3 points
1/2 cup skim milk- 1 point
1/2 cup Orange Juice- 1 point
2 cupsProgresso 50% less sodium Chicken noodle Soup-4 points
2 pieces multi-gran bread-2 points
several squirts butter spray- 0 points
grapefruit-2 points
salad with lite dressing- 2 points
1 piece multigrain bread- 1 point
100 calorie Cheeze It Party Mix-2 points
Diet Dr. Pepper-1 point
3 pieces cheese pizza- 12 points
Total Daily Points-30 points
Water Intake-50.7 oz
Dairy Servings-1
Fruits and Veggie servings- 4

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