Friday, January 25, 2008

Morning Ramblings

This morning I got woken up by the twins, after my last incident of waking up hearing the twins in the house, I kind of freaked out, even though I know everything is put up. Nathan and Katie Sue were both up watching tv at 4 am. I changed them and took them to our bed, their diapers leaked and there beds were soaked. So, I go back to bed and get up at 6 am. I was so mad because I have been doing really good about getting up at 5:30. I got to finish exercising though. My dvd is due back at the library today that I am using with my 2 mile walk, but I still got it done. I hope dh can check it out again when he goes to the library today. Anyways, when I got up it was COLD! I checked on the computer and it was 7 degrees! Well, I did not stay cold long because my 2 mile walk warmed me up!
I get on the scales most mornings just to check myself and it gives me some encouragement because the other weeks I have been losing fast. I have not been too encouraged the last couple of days because what I see does not make me happy! But, I am going to *try* to keep a positive attitude about it even if I gain a pound or lose nothing because I know it took me a long time to get to where I am and it is going to take awhile to get to where I want to be! I really have been doing good and not cheating. I pray every morning for help from my heavenly father to give me the strength to make the right food choices!
Well my dh got another pizza from the new pizza place last night. Actually, I was craving it! I found out how many points it was and it is a lot, but I had enough points last night that I could eat some. I know that I really need to be working on more fruits and veggies. I just can't go back to the grocery for about a week and I really do not have much in the way of veggies. So, I will have to wait until then to do better on that.
I cooked breakfast for the kids this morning (Nick has been out of school all week except yesterday and they sent him home at 10 am, so pretty much all week.) I usually make them cereal, yogurt and juice. Dh says they need the vitamins in eggs, so this morning I cooked scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast. How I wanted to eat all of it. My kids devoured it! I was so proud of myself that I was able not to eat it! I usually would eat at least one piece of bacon as it got done. Go ME! Just let me tell you though it was so hard! Dinners have been easier because I am trying to find family friendly recipes that are healthy that my whole family will eat so I only have to cook one dinner and so far I have found the right recipes!
Anyways, I guess that is enough ramblings for this morning. I hope you all have a great day!

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