Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Log for Jan 25

Food Log
1 cup Go Lean Crunch Cereal-3 points
1/2 cup skim milk- 1 point
1/2 cup grapefruit juice- 1 point
WW Yogurt- 1 point
Popcorn rice cake 90 calorie pack- 1 point
Cola Chicken-4 points
Popcorn- 2 points
Progresso 0 point soup-0 points
2 Diet Dr. Peppers- 0 points
2 pieces homemade pizza-8 points
Total Daily Points Used: 21 points
Total Daily Allotted: 30-34 points
Weekly 35 Flex Points used: 0 points
Water Intake: 33.8 ounces
Fruit and Veggie Servings-2
Milk Servings- 2
Activity Points
30 minutes 2 mile walk aerobics+3 points!

(Update:I so did not eat enough points today. I would have eaten another piece of cheese pizza, but it was all gone. I think I am going to have to start making more than one pizza. Everyone got 2 pieces except the twins got 1 each and Neil actually ate some of my crust, so yes it is time to start making more than one pizza. I also did really bad on water today. Oh well there is always tomorrow!)

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