Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Day

I feel like I did really well yesterday, but I did have some hard times too. I learned that my really hard time is from 3-6. I seem to want to snack during that time. So, since I have the points I want to try to make sure today that I get a snack during that time so I do not feel as hungry. I ate Go Lean Crunch cereal for breakfast and it is suppose to make you less hungry and I really did not feel hungry in the morning at all. Maybe it is because at lunchtime I am eating a frozen weight watcher meal and it is just little. They are good though, but man they are like 8 points. Well the box says they are 8 points, but when I put the nutrition facts into the calculator, it says 7 points so I may have figured it wrong or something. Remember I don't know everything about WW. Anyways yesterday, I just got some fruit and ate it. So, I will try to remember to be more careful during that time of day and plan better. I am a planner and list maker! I do not start my day without having a plan of what I am going to eat, I think that really helped me yesterday. Actually I log it into a post and play with it all day as to what I really eat and for the most part I ate what I had on my list. I did not plan snacks yesterday and I think that is where I got into trouble. So we shall see how it goes.
I also need to post my before picture. Dh was suppose to take it last night but he got busy. So, tonight for sure. I really have never told anyone how much I weigh except my doctor, so that is just going to be hard for me. I'll hopefully be back later to post that picture and then all of you will see why this is so important to me!
Oh and something really funny is happening on this blog. This morning I got up and noticed that in my header, my ladies have lost their heads and feet. Could it be they are already shriking or what is going on? lol! Do you all see the ladies heads in the header?
Update: I think I fixed the ladies for now. lol


Becky said...

I'm impressed with how well you stuck to your food plan. I didn't so so well with my food yesterday. I think planning the snacks will help.

I see your ladies heads at the top, LOL!

Monkey Kisses said...

You are doing great.. Hey when you want to snack. Instead make yourself a cup of tea. It helps for some reason, Or go brush your teeth!