Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 6 and a new toy!

My food log for today is here.

Check out what I had for dinner here.

I finally posted my before pictures here.

Well today was the first Saturday on this diet. Today was what I call my mental health day, lol! My dh kept the kids all day and I got to go do things that I wanted to do and be by myself.(Note: I have not had very many of these days) What did I do? Well, first I went to the library in the next county. I checked out about 10 WW cookbooks. I was so excited! Then I went to my mil's house and cooked my WW frozen meal that I brought so I would be good. :) Then I went to Food City and just looked around at the options. I bought some pita bread that I saw on Melissa's blog, found the new Progresso lite soups that are 0 ww points, and some other stuff like veggies. I think even though the Progresso lites are 0 points, I will not be eating many instead I will get the 50 percent less sodium ones even though they are a few points more. Then I went to Walmart and bought myself a food scale. I saw alot including a really neat digital one, but it was like $30 so instead I got the $4. It will do everything I want it to do and lots cheaper! Then I came home and cooked a really good dinner for my family, bathed my kids and then realized I needed to eat some more points, so I am eating a sandwich and some applesauce right now. I had a harder time while I was out getting my water drank. I usually drink about 5 bottles a day and today I only got two in before I got home. I also did not get my exercise in today, unless you count walking around Walmart and Food City, lol! Before I got my sandwich, I started feeling really dizzy. I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe, I'm just tired. I stayed up a whole lot last night because my ds got some shots yesterday and had a fever all night. Tylenol would not do anything for him, but the ibuprofen finally kicked in and did the trick! But, still I did not get much sleep. So, I got to get some sleep! I also wanted to wish my friend, Tammy, a Happy Birthday! Hope everyone had a great day!


Jennie said...

i am so glad that you found the food you were looking for! love that!

Patty said...

That is awesome that you had a day to yourself. Keep up the good work.